Fasois, the legendary frontman returns.

The voice of ‘Get That Beat’ the 80’s gold-selling hit of ‘Sharp Ties’ the greek new wave group, is back with his new soon-to-be-released solo album ‘Happy To Be Here’, co-written by Tolis Fasois & Chrysostomos Mouratoglou.

‘Mr. Smith’ is the first single from ‘Happy To Be Here’.

The Official Music Video of Mr. Smith was released in December 2014.


As a singer Fasois paid his dues while fronting the groups Fred Smith and later The Introverts in the nascent punk and new wave scene of Cape Town South Africa in the late 70’s early 80’s. A recent documentary ” Punk in Africa “, illustrates the role punk music played in the anti-apartheid movement due to the rejection of these young musicians of racial discrimination.

Soon after immigrating to Greece he fronts the group Sharp Ties who play a mixture of ska-inflected new wave and whose first album ” Get That Beat ” manages to go gold within a year. For a Greek English-lyric rock group this is a feat in itself. It has been argued that the phenomenal sales of their first album opened the doors for many young greek rock musicians and bands who followed in their wake.

Their second album ” Safari Boys ” is a critical success but does not sell as well as their previous work. Adopting an overtly commercial sound for their third album ” Sharp Ties 3 “, finds Fasois in disagreement and he leaves the group firmly believing that the indie rock scene is more representative of his work. Sharp Ties release a final album called ” Positive ” where Fasois writes the lyrics but does not provide vocals.

The 90’s see him taking on the role of producer and lyricist and he avoids performing live. The end of the decade finds him in the studio having written the lyrics while also providing the vocals to two songs for the multi-platinum selling Greek group called Pyx Lax. Considered as one of the most exciting frontmen in the country, he is coaxed back onto the stage where he performs with the group for 3 years while their c.d goes platinum. In 2003 once again he is asked to write the English lyrics for Pyx Lax who invite Eric Burdon, Marc Almond, Gordon Gano and Steve Wynn to provide the vocals to this project called ” Happy In The City Of Fools “.

All this activity and audience reaction spurs Fasois on to leave production and get down to writing and performing once more. Touring Greece for the next 6 years, he enters the studio for his first solo c.d in 2010 called ” Just For A Day “, which receives warm reviews.

In 2012 he starts work on his second solo c.d. slotted for release in early 2015 called “Happy To Be Here”.